Rebekah Graham is an experienced family law attorney who has served Huntsville, Alabama for nineteen years.

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At Rebekah L. Graham & Associates, we strike a balance between assertive representation and compassionate guidance. Our primary goal is to help parents and families through difficult circumstances, assisting them in creating a plan that meets their goals and interests. We like resolving conflicts, and we are good at it. 

Whether your situation requires us to litigate in trial, negotiate a settlement, or resolve your case through mediation, we are prepared to walk you through your divorce or other family law case as comfortably and positively as possible.

We have over fifteen years of experience litigating family law cases. Our family law attorneys in Huntsville constantly review changes in the law to stay up to date. We routinely work with a network of professionals such as accountants, divorce financial planners, private investigators, and mental health professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. We foster a calming and reassuring presence and communicate clearly with our clients about the expected outcomes in each case. We provide options paired with legal advice to allow our clients the ability to set appropriate goals for the outcomes they desire.

Let Rebekah L. Graham & Associates help you navigate this difficult chapter of your life and emerge with hope and a fresh start. Schedule a consultation online today.

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    "Thanks Rebekah and team!"
    Thanks Rebekah and team!
    - A.Z.
    "Responds promptly to all inquiries!"
    Responds promptly to all inquiries!
    - K.C.
    "Very diligent, hard working, and proactive!"
    Very diligent, hard working, and proactive!
    - E.A.
    "Experienced, knowledgeable, conscientious, and prepared"
    Experienced, knowledgeable, conscientious, and prepared!
    - D.G.
    "My case was handled with speed and great care."
    My case was handled with speed and great care. I was given the results I hoped for and everything was taken care of very easily
    - Micheal
    "Rebekah and her team made it so much easier for me."
    She was always prepared and efficient, and I felt that her advice and foresight protected me.
    - Kimberly
    "We came to real good, fair agreement!"
    Rebekah did a great job in my mediation.
    - Robert B.
    "She did so professionally and efficiently."
    I easily won my case and I believe it was due to Rebekah's expert representation.
    - Former Client

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We strike a balance between practical advice and assertive representation. We believe that both rushing into a quick settlement without all the information or taking overly aggressive positions, often result in less-than-ideal outcomes. Our firm does an excellent job of both negotiating a fair settlement when possible and litigating a case at trial when necessary. Our more than fifteen years of experience allows us to share insight into the legal system and evaluate the possible outcomes at trial. This, in turn, allows us to create appropriate strategies and effectively present our clients’ cases. Our approach is to keep clients educated and informed throughout the process so they can make the best choices for themselves and their families. 

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